Producer-Director Steph Greegor accepted into Sundance Collab course 

Greegor set to direct “Cynisca Reborn” in spring 2020

Owner Steph Greegor awarded grant from GCAC

Director Steph Greegor talks “The Third Period” on the PVDcast


Filmmaker Steph Greegor is an award-winning writer and festival-accepted director and producer with a focus on female empowerment, higher rates of female representation in film and fiction, and stories that feature strong, female roles. She’s based in Columbus, Ohio, and works with professionals in New York City, L.A., and the Midwest region. She teaches film as an assistant professor at CCAD in Columbus. Ohio.

She has completed her debut novel titled Newcross, which will be a suspense trilogy with a supernatural twist. She also writes, directs and produces indie films through her production company, Eleven One Productions.

Greegor is repped by Agent Chris Reel of Adams Partners Ltd. He can be reached at creel@adamspartnersltd.com.